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Sound of North uses drum corps style marching with step sizes that are constantly changing to accommodate the differing forms the band is creating on the field. Forms may be linear, curvilinear, or scatter. Music selections can include anything from symphonic music, film scores, to world music, jazz, rock or pop music. Sound of North performs at all home football games and competes throughout the state nearly every Saturday in the fall.
This group is made up of:
All band students
Students who have auditioned for the Color Guard.
Percussion—The percussion line is open to all percussion student and also students playing non-marching instruments, such as oboe and bassoon, are also eligible for the percussion line. (Percussion students will take Percussion Ensemble class first semester each year and Concert Band/Wind Ensemble 2nd semester)

Percussion Section

The percussion section is divided into two distinct groups:
Acceptance into either area is by audition only
Front Ensemble
The Front Ensemble (also known as Pit) performs on a variety of keyboard, rhythm, and percussion instruments at the front of the field.
Battery (or Drums) perform on snare, tenor and bass drums as a marching unit.

Marching Band Season

Marching Band season lasts nine weeks, all students enrolled in the band program at Columbus North High School will participate in Marching and Concert Bands. Students who are enrolled in a Columbus North High School fall sport that conflicts with the marching band schedule, will be excused from these rehearsals and performances. Students must inform directors by June 11th if they are planning to participate in a fall sport. These students must turn in a tape with all the marching music performed.

Each new marching season begins in late May, as the prior school year is wrapping up. These rehearsals are a brief introduction for our new members and will include marching fundamentals and music preparation for the fall marching season. May & June rehearsals are important to the success of our competitive program. These are the rehearsals at which the majority of the fundamental skills are developed. This time also builds excitement and dedication as the coming season begins.

New members, guard and percussion members should attend rehearsal labeled specifically “NEW MEMBERS, GUARD & PERC” on the Sound of North Calendar.
ALL members should attend rehearsals labeled “FULL BAND” on the Sound of North Calendar.

After some time off for summer break, they jump right in with a week of Pre Camp. Pre Camp Week is also essential for our band. During this time we begin teaching our Competition Show. This is followed by a week of Band Camp. Band Camp is required. If a student does not attend Band Camp, he/she will be designated as an alternate and depending upon circumstances may not march during the season. These weeks are filled with team building, music, marching and students stepping up in their new roles of leadership to help bring the new members into this band family. There is also time for play and rest where students begin the bonds that will create lasting friendships and Band unity. All season they will work hard for each other, because they know that they can’t do this alone.

Together they will create something magical on the field each week, getting better and stronger, pouring everything they have into their show. The lasting effects of such an incredible program will be carried with them long after graduation. We are immensely proud of our Sound of North Marching Band.


Once school begins in August, the Sound of North rehearses:
During class each school day

Full Band
Rehearses on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:45pm-8:30pm

Mondays-Pit 3:30-5:30pm & Guard TBA
Wednesdays-Winds 3:30-5:30pm & Drums 5:30-8:30pm

Marching Contest Days

Sound of North members should arrive prior to the designated time in order to be on the field ready for rehearsal. They will bring with them everything needed for the day. They will each take their instrument/Guard equipment and uniform to the SON transport (semi) before lunch. Each member will know their schedule, understanding that one person can hold up the entire group, they will arrive early. They will be respectful of students and parents at school and contest sites. Always remembering that they represent Sound of North, Columbus North and the city of Columbus. They will make sure to eat breakfast, most Contest Saturdays will will have a Pitch-in where parents will bring in a lunch set up by Instrument/Guard Sections. When this isn’t possible they will bring a nutritious sack lunch. Diner will most likely be on the way to or at a Contest site, students may bring money for concessions or bring a sack lunch.


Fiesta Bowl National Band Championship Grand Master: 2006
Participant in 115th Tournament of Roses Parade: 2004
ISSMA Marching Band State Finalists: 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001 2002, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2012, 2016

Concert Bands

Our Concert Bands consist of 3 different groups:
  • Concert Band—Freshman
  • Symphonic Band—Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors–Assigned by the Directors in the spring
  • Wind Ensemble—Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors–by audition only.

These 3 groups are performing ensembles consisting of several members of the woodwind, brass and percussion families of instruments. Their repertoire includes original wind compositions, arrangements of orchestral compositions, light music, and popular tunes. It is made up of instrumentalists from Sound of North Marching Band with the addition of color guard members and fall athletes that also play instruments. Concert Band Season lasts for twenty seven weeks. They perform at concerts and ISSMA contests throughout the year; attendance is mandatory. (Percussion students will take Percussion Ensemble class first semester each year)

Many students will also compete in Solo & Ensemble contest as well as an All State Band.

You won’t want miss the Winter and Spring Concerts, they are amazingly beautiful.


Wind Ensemble receives Gold Rating and “With Distinction” Award each year
ISSMA State Finalists in the years 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, 2011-17.


Gold Rating “With Distinction” Award, and Highest score at ISSMA District each year
State Finals in 2002 and 2007.


Our Orchestra is an instrumental ensemble that incorporates sections of string, brass, woodwind and percussion from the various concert bands. It is also and opportunity for instrumentalists from Color Guard and fall athletics to perform. The orchestra class is for strings only. The orchestra also rehearses outside of school hours with the brass and woodwind players that volunteer to be in the orchestra. This group will perform at various concerts and at the ISSMA orchestra contest in the spring.

You are encouraged to attend the Winter& Spring Concerts. a few minutes after they begin-you will completely forget they are students and feel that you have been transported to the Philharmonic; they are incredible.

Jazz Bands

Jazz bands consist of a rhythm section containing: percussion, guitar, bas guitar and piano. As well as a horn section containing: trumpets, trombones saxophones and flutes.

Our Jazz Ensembles consist of 3 groups:
  • First year jazz musicians
  • North Blues: Open to any student interested in learning Jazz
  • 25th Street Jazz: By Audition of Recommendation by Director only

The jazz bands: 25th Street Jazz, North Blues and Jazz Lab are open to all students enrolled in Concert Bands, Percussion Class or Orchestra. 25th Street Jazz and North Blues are scheduled during the school day. The jazz bands perform many concerts throughout the year as well as compete at jazz festivals. Extra rehearsals and performances may be required outside of the school day. Jazz season begins after Marching Season, they will learn their pieces in class and perform on a few evenings and compete on the weekends.
Their amazing Winter Concert and Spring Jazz ala Mode are not to be missed!


Superior Ratings for Jazz I and Jazz II ensembles at the University of Louisville Jazz Festival 2013
Gold Ratings for all three Jazz ensembles at ISSMA State Jazz Festival with Jazz I scoring 3rd in state–2013
5 students selected for All-State Jazz Ensemble (2nd most from all schools in the state)–2013

Pep Band

A pep band is an ensemble of musicians who play at Boys & Girls Home Basketball games with purpose of entertaining and “pepping” up a crowd. They are students from our other marching/concert bands who graciously volunteer their time and talent to pump up the energy of the crowd.


Our color guard is a non-musical section of Sound of North. It provides additional visual aspects to our performance to interpret the music being played through synchronized spinning of flags, sabers, rifles and dance. They use different colors and styles of flags like swing flags and tapered flags to enhance the visual effect of marching band as a whole. Color Guard also may use backdrops to bring color and scenery to the field if the concept of the show is hard to interpret. The Color Guard utilizes flags, rifles, sabers and dance. Color Guard auditions are open to any student enrolled at Columbus North High School; auditions are in the spring. Color Guard members must be enrolled in Dance Comp for non-instrumentalists or a Band Class for instrumentalists.

Winter Guard

The Winter Guard is composed of members of the Sound of North Color Guard. It is an indoor activity where the guard performs unaccompanied by the band, but performing to a piece of pre-recorded music. Winter guards compete independently in the winter months in the Indiana High School Color Guard Association circuit. They rehearse in the evenings/weekends all winter and compete on Saturdays.


IHSCGA Class B Winter Guard State Finalists: 1999, 2016
IHSCGA Class B Winter Guard State Champions: 2000
IHSCGA Class B State Championship 14th—2013