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#51-Sound of North NEWSLETTER 2019

March 26, 2019

Page 1-  Contents

Page 2-  Columbus North Color Guard Auditions; Concession Help; Italy Trip Thanks

Page 3- Booster Meeting; New Director of Bands; Retirement Celebration; Kroger Rewards

Page 4-  2019-2020 Booster Positions

Page 5-  Job Descriptions; Upcoming Dates; Who’s Who

Columbus North Color Guard Auditions:                

If you know anyone that will be in grades 6-12 next school year, let them know about our auditions!  No experience is needed, but bring workout clothes and get ready to have fun!  We’re looking to make this our biggest guard yet!  Mark your calendars for March 25, 27 & 28 from 5-8 PM and meet us in the Band Room.

Concession Help Needed:                        

For those that are new, we receive a portion of the profits from football concessions, in return we are asked to work concession events during other times of the year. We are not asked to work football concessions so that we are able to watch and help our kids during football games.

Please take a look at the poll and see where you can help fulfill our commitment to athletics and have a great time in the process. As of right now we only have the dates for the Track concessions, as soon as times are provided, those times will be updated in the poll.

If you have any questions regarding concessions please email Amy at

Italy Trip Thanks:        

From Mr. Stultz:

I would like to thank all of the students for making our band trip a fantastic experience. Your performance in each location were superb. The audiences really appreciated the incredible music you delivered. What a great way to finish my career to take students to those awesome venues to perform in historic buildings which are older than our country.

To the parents who went on the trip I want to thank each and everyone of you for the awesome way you took care of our students. Led by Amy Jackson and Carla McKenna you made sure the students were always safe and where they needed to be.

I hope each of the students on the trip understand what a wonderful opportunity their own parents provided them by funding the trip. From the incredible Palaces, Churches, going through the Bridge of Sighs, Historical Monuments in Rome such as the Coliseum and Roman Forum and finishing at the Vatican gave the students an incredible history lesson I am sure they will never forget.

The Opera Singers at our last meal was the final little touches that Music Travel always supplies.

Also thanks to all of the staff for providing such great leadership along our trip.


From Amy Jackson:

I hope everyone was able to get some rest. This past week was an amazing one!! While the week went by fast I was glad to be home in my own bed. Everyone has special memories that will last a lifetime. I would like to thank the kids who were amazing. I can honestly say we have amazing kids in the Sound of North Band and Choir programs. To the directors Mr. Stultz and Mr. Burton we have been blessed with two amazing directors that have amazing dedication to our kids. Our kids couldn't have better role models. To the parents that went along to help chaperone, you all rocked and made my job so much easier. Martin Becker, Andrew Moran and Chris Forsythe you guys are amazing. The trip wouldn't have been the same without you. The kids weren't the only ones to make special memories and we even made new friendships. Our 2 tour guides were amazing. I could go on and on. My last 10 years as a band parent have been amazing and I wouldn't change anything. I am sad that my time with you is quickly coming to an end. I will cherish all of my memories that have been made over the years and will miss all of my 150+ kids.

Booster Meetings:

Perhaps you did not realize as parents and guardians of our CN band, you are all Booster Members.  A booster meeting is not a meeting for only Booster Officers.  In booster meetings you will learn about the program and the upcoming events and projects regarding the band.  Meetings are a great place to ask any questions you may have, or if you have any suggestions that you would like to share.  If you are wanting to help out or volunteer but do not know where to start, meetings are a great place to find the information you need to help with your decision.  During these meetings, we as parents and guardians, come together to make this the best possible program it can be.  The more parent involvement we have, the better program we will become. Booster meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month (unless there is a conflict) and the next Booster meeting isThursday April 11 at 6 PM.

 New Director of Bands:

At the board meeting on March 4th, our new Director of Bands was approved. Due to how fast social media moves, Mr. Stultz wanted to get the information out to our students and parents so it came from us. Our new Band Director is Bryan Munoz. He is currently the Director of Bands at East Noble High School. Mr. Stultz has heard great things about this gentleman and feels he will be a great fit to our program. Mr. Stultz has made arrangements for an informal meet and greet with Mr. Munoz on March 27 at starting at 6 PM.  

Mr. Bill Stultz Retirement Celebration:

You are invited to Mr. Stultz’s retirement celebration on Saturday, May 18th from 3-6pm at the Columbus North High School Cafeteria to commemorate his 41 year career as a music educator in the state of Indiana.  We have several exciting events planned (including an alumni band) and we would love for you to participate. While Mr. Stultz does know about the party, there are a few other surprises in the works that require your assistance.  To learn more about this event or how you can help, be sure to join the private Facebook group or contact Kylie Stultz at Please feel free to share this information with anyone interested!  Thank you!


Kroger Rewards:

Send a screenshot of your Kroger Rewards amount to or text to 317-457-1232.  Remember, these amounts will not be ginormous, but they will help!  

To find your amount, sign in to your account -> go to My Account -> click on "Community Rewards" on the left -> scroll to bottom right corner to see your contribution -> screenshot and send to or text to 317-457-1232

Haven't signed up yet?  If you spend money at Kroger, sign up!  Go to Kroger's website, and look under the "Savings & Rewards" tab -> Kroger Community Rewards and follow the directions to enroll.

***Note: Our organization number has changed.  It is now MS458.  The previous number will still be associated with our organization for a bit, but will no longer be visible.  If you are currently enrolled, the number should be switched for you.  If you enroll here on out, you will need to use the new number.  You may also need to know the new number down the road if you need to call with an issue.  Questions, please call or text Sara Donathen-Smith.


2019-2020 Booster Positions:

Next Year’s Board Member positions: A LOT of us are “graduating”, so there will be some openings. Anyone is welcome to run, if you are willing to help please contact Amy Jackson @ to have your name added to the ballot. The election will take place at the Spring concert in April..

Next Year’s Team and Openings:

Elected Positions:

§  President Tami Mohs is running

§  Vice President –

§  Secretary Jennifer Speer

§  Treasurer Charity Phillips is running

Volunteer Positions

§  Volunteer Coordinator –______?

§  Lead Chaperone – Carol Corbeels; Amanda Watkins

§  Penske/Prop & Screens Coordinator – Steve Long

§  Semi (Pit/Loading) Coordinator –John Jones

§  Semi Driver – Corbeels

§  Spirit Wear- Jennifer Speer

§  Uniforms- Carla McKenna (needs someone to follow her, will be her last year)

§  Scrip Coordinator- Sara Donathan-Smith

§  Nurse –

§  Concessions – Tami Mohs

§  Accounts Volunteer – Annonomys

§  Kiwanis Ducks – Carol Corbeels

§  Jazz ala Mode – Tracy & John Jones

§  Website- Todd Riordan

This program will NOT succeed if we do not have parent volunteers.  It just takes a few hours (if that depending on what area you are interested in)

Job Descriptions:

Do you want to be more involved and don’t know where to start?  Have you wondered what exactly some of the above jobs entail?  Well, look no further!  Everything you need to know is listed below.

Volunteer Coordinators-2 people

  • Work with chairpersons to determine volunteer needs for each band function
  • Prepare volunteer interest form for band parent spring meeting
  • Preparing sign-up sheets for events requiring volunteers
  • Provide volunteer lists to chairpersons for each function

Shadow Current Uniform Coordinator (this will be Carla McKenna’s last year).

  • Coordinate the fitting of marching and concert uniforms
  • Coordinate the alteration of uniforms
  • Order uniform supplies including shoes, gloves, plumbs, and socks
  • Coordinate volunteers to assist with uniform needs at each performance
  • Coordinate dry cleaning/laundering schedule for uniforms


  • Monitor students during the marching portions of band camp for heat-related stress

 If you have an interest in learning the details of some of the other positions, stay tuned to future newsletters  to learn more.

UPCOMING DATES:                        

March 25, 26, 27, 2019: Color Guard auditions Band Room 5-8 PM

March 26, 2019: Booster Meeting at 6 PM

March 27, 2019: Meet and Greet with Mr. Munoz at 6 PM

April 11, 2019: Spring Concert

April 12-13, 2019: ISSMA Large Group Contest

April 27, 2019: ISSMA State Qualifications

May 4, 2019: ISSMA State Contest

May 13, 2019: Spring Band Awards 7:00 PM Auditorium

May 17, 2019: Jazz a la Mode 7:30 PM Cafeteria

May 18, 2019: Mr. Stultz’s retirement celebration 3-6 PM Cafeteria

June 1, 2019: Graduation



Director of Bands, Band Discount Cards - Bill Stultz

Assistant Director of Bands - Keith Burton

Color Guard Director -    Ivan Somers

President; Spirit Wear; Invitational Coordinator - Amy Jackson

Vice President - Mike Hacker

Treasurer - Paul Gloeckner

Secretary - Jennifer Speer

Volunteer Coordinator, Nurse -  Kim Cox

Band Uniforms - Carla McKenna

Lead Band Chaperones -Amanda Watkins and Carol Corbeels

Penske/Props & Screens Coordinator -Emily Gloeckner  

Semi (Pit/Loading) Coordinator - Bob Cox

Semi Driver - Phil Corbeels

Penske Driver -   Clifton Beverly

Scrip Coordinator - Sara Dorathen Smith

Kiwanis Ducks - Carol Corbeels

Accounts Volunteer - anonymous

Newsletter -Jennifer Speer

SoN Website Caretaker -  Todd Riordan

SoN Facebook -   wearethesoundofnorth   (request to be a friend)

Color Guard Facebook -  Columbus North Color Guard (request to be a friend)