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#34 - Sound of North NEWSLETTER 2018

August 15, 2018

I hope everyone is settling into their school routines.  We are now in full swing of Marching season.  Schedules for the first 2 games and mini camps and or posted below.  For the first game we will be in summer uniform (show shirt, white shorts, white socks & tennis shoes.  For the Guard it is show shirt, black pants & tennis shoes

                        -Amy Jackson, Band Booster President

Newsletter - CONTENTS:

Page 1 - Letter/Highlights, Contents, and Survival Guide for Band

Page 2 - Survival Guide for Band continued; Drop Off, Pick Up, and Parking

Page 3- Drop Off, Pick Up, and Parking continued; SoN Spirit Wear Sale;                  Kiwanis Incredible Duck Splash

Page 4 -Kiwanis Incredible Duck Splash continued; Kroger

Page 5- Kroger continued; SoN Invitational; Booster Meetings; Thursday Nights

Page 6 - Upcoming Dates; Who’s Who

Page 7 - Who’s Who continued

Page 8- Schedules


. -WATER, WATER, WATER!  It can’t be said enough times. NO sugary drinks such as Gatorade, tea, kool aid, flavored water, etc. Water is the best thing for you!  Be sure to drink at every water break even if you think you are not thirsty. If you do not drink, it will cause issues later in the day.  A little tip- fill your water jug about ¼ to ½ full of water and put in the freezer overnight.  Fill with water in the morning before coming to band.  Water will stay nice and cold until they need to refill.

              -Dress in light colors (dark colors attract the sun) and please keep clothing modest!

              -Compression shorts worn under shorts is highly recommended (prevents chafing).

              -Wear socks and athletic shoes everyday! NO sandals/flip flops allowed on field

              -Wear deodorant, as well as, bring with you to re-apply!

              -Report signs of heat exhaustion! (dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, disorientation)

              **Report to an adult immediately if you stop sweating!! This is a sign of heat stroke and emergency medical protocols need to be initiated!


-Instrument/Color Guard equipment


-LARGE jug/cooler filled with WATER ONLY (1 gallon cooler/jug or 2 half gallon cooler/jugs)

-Sunscreen - not spray type, LOTION ONLY PLEASE!!

-Bug Spray

-Athletic Shoes - no flip flops or open shoes on field

-Deodorant,lots and lots of deodorant

-Extra socks AND extra T-shirt for afternoon portion

➔No technology on field

➔No candy or gum on field


Drop off your student at least 15 minutes early (30 for pit) for practice. The start time is when they are expected to actually begin practice.

Pick up your student 15 minutes later (30 for pit) than the listed time practice ends. This allows students to store their equipment and attend a brief section meeting post practice.

Expect delays at pick up as well.  Times listed are when practice ends, allow time for them to return to the band room to put things away and have a brief section meeting.  Some sections take a little longer (like Pit) because they have more equipment to put away.  That being said, DO NOT wait for your student to call you to say practice is over.  Some students will just sit around and talk.  The directors, staff and other parents want to go home as well.  If practice is scheduled to be over at 8:30 pm please be at North to pick up by 9 pm.  If your student hasn’t come out by then please come in and we will find out what the delay is.

Printable Parking


For the safety of all, we ask that you do not park at the curb outside the band room. As the season goes on, it gets darker by the end of practice making it even more difficult to see students darting out after practice. We try to put cones out as a reminder, but we aren’t always able to get them out.  Please help us and park in a parking spot.  In the long run you will get out sooner than if you lined up at the curb.


next to the band room. This area needs to be clear for pit to roll their equipment in and out of the building.


Order forms are now available to order Sound of North spirit wear.  There are a variety of items to choose from such as this year’s show shirt, other t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, and even tumblers which will keep your drink cold (or hot) for a long time.  Be sure to pick up an order form and return it by August 16th, in order to show your band spirit in time for the first contest.  We will not be able to accept late orders.  The link to download a form is on the “We are the Sound of North” web page, and forms are available in the band room.  Amy can be found during full band practices to return completed order forms.  If you cannot locate her, be sure to put your form along with payment in an envelope marked Spirit Wear.  Please DO NOT give the forms to Mr. Stultz or Mr. Burton.  Please be sure to fill out the Name and Student Name portion of the form.  If there is not a name on the form, we won’t know who the order belongs to.


Selling ducks is a great way to earn money for your student’s band account, as you earn 80% of what you sell.  Forms were sent home on the Friday of band camp and need to be returned to Mrs. Corbeels no later than Thursday, Sept. 27th.  Please return all unused forms and turn in forms/money as you sell them.  If you need additional forms, you may pick more up from Mrs. Corbeels outside the band room every Tuesday and Thursday nights after the full band practice.  If you do not plan to sell any ducks, please return all unused forms ASAP.  All of the forms have been handed out and there are students still needing more forms to sell.  It would be great to sell all the forms instead of returning the unused ones to the Kiwanis.  If you have any questions regarding the duck sale, please email Carol Corbeels at

Image result for rubber ducks

Kroger Rewards:

If you shop at Kroger and have linked your Kroger Rewards Card to the Columbus North Band (you have money to deposit into your band account!

I have been told by Kroger that they are revising their Kroger Community Rewards program but the amount to be added to your student’s Charms account should be available to view and submit for band credit.

In the last few weeks the Kroger system occasionally won’t show the “contribution” amount, but I see it again today so I’m sending this request to you all.  There may be various ways to find your Kroger donation, but here is one way…

Do this:

*Log into,

*drop down list under tab “Savings and Rewards” go to Community Rewards

*go to “I’m a customer” then log in, the amount of your Previous Quarter Contribution is what we need.

*Send a screenshot or text a photo or print the page and the contribution amount will be credited to your student’s charms/band account.

If you have questions,

Natalie Olinger-Stine


If you haven’t yet linked your Kroger shopping to the band, start now for next quarter!

*Log into,

*drop down list under tab “Savings and Rewards” go to Community Rewards

*go to “I’m a customer” then log in

*choose COLUMBUS NORTH HIGH SCHOOL BAND BOOSTERS, organization number MS458


Saturday September 8th is the annual Sound of North Invitational, which is just a little over 3 weeks away.  Bands from all over the state come to Columbus North to compete.  This is the BIGGEST fundraiser for the SON.  Because it is so big we need the help of EVERY family in the band.  We ask that each family volunteer time to WORK AND DONATE an item for hospitality.  We cannot pull this off without each and every families help.

Food for concessions:

Volunteer for a shift:

Food for concessions:

Booster Meetings: EVERYONE is Invited

Perhaps you did not realize as parents and guardians of our CN band, you are all Booster Members.  A booster meeting is not a meeting for only Booster Officers.  In booster meetings you will learn about the program and the upcoming events and projects regarding the band.  Meetings are a great place to ask any questions you may have, or if you have any suggestions that you would like to share.  If you are wanting to help out or volunteer but do not know where to start, meetings are a great place to find the information you need to help with your decision.  During these meetings, we as parents and guardians, come together to make this the best possible program it can be.  The more parent involvement we have, the better program we will become.

Booster meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month (unless there is a conflict).  Due to summer break The next booster meeting is Thursday August 16th at 7 PM.  Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening.


Attending Thursday night run-throughs (or “parent previews”) in the stadium are a great way to see the progress your student is making!  These usually begin around 8:30 pm.  Be sure to arrive by 8:15 pm to ensure you don’t miss anything.


Aug 15, 2018: Winds & Guard practice 3:30-5:30 PM; Percussion 5:30-8:00 PM.

Aug 16, 2018: Full Band Practice 5:45-8:30 PM AND Spirit Wear orders are due.

        Plastic cards ordered from Scrip which were ordered on Aug 13th, will be

available for pick-up at the parent preview.

Aug 17, 2018: Home Football game vs Franklin be dressed and on the practice field at 5:45 PM.

Aug 18, 2018: Mini Camp 8 AM - 4 PM (Lunch will be on your own at 11:30).

**Be sure to keep Saturday, September 8th, open on your calendar in order to help at the SoN Invitational.  Lots of help will be needed**

Aug 20, 2018: Guard Practice 3:30-6:30 PM

Aug 21, 2018: Full Band Practice 5:45-8:30 PM


Director of Bands - Bill Stultz

Assistant Director of Bands, Director and Composer/Arranger of Sound of North - Keith Burton  

Color Guard Director -    Ivan Somers

President - Amy Jackson

Vice President - Mike Hacker

Treasurer - Paul Gloeckner

Secretary - Jennifer Speer

Volunteer Coordinator -  Kim Cox

Band Uniforms - Carla McKenna

Nurse - Kim Cox

Lead Band Chaperones -Amanda Watkins and

    Carol Corbeels

Lead Color Guard Chaperone -

Penske/Props & Screens Coordinator -Emily Gloeckner  

Semi (Pit/Loading) Coordinator - Bob Cox

Semi Driver - Phil Corbeels

Penske Driver -   Clifton Beverly

Spirit Wear -  Amy Jackson

Scrip Coordinator - Sara Dorathen Smith

Kiwanis Ducks - Carol Corbeels

Band Discount Cards - Bill Stultz

SoN Invitational Coordinator - Amy Jackson

Accounts Volunteer - anonymous  

Newsletter -Jennifer Speer

SoN Website Caretaker -  Todd Riordan

SoN Facebook -   wearethesoundofnorth   (request to be a friend)

Color Guard Facebook -  Columbus North Color Guard (request to be a friend)

This weeks (8/17/18) schedule

Friday, August 24th

5:00 pm  Arrive to prepare for rehearsal.

5:30 pm  Rehearsal begins on Practice Field

6:25 pm  March to Stadium

6:45 pm  PREGAME

7:00 pm  Kickoff

Halftime occur between 7:45-8:30 depending on the speed of the game.

*Because this is the North/East game, we  will not be sitting in the stands, but rather in seats set up in the North end zone.  Both bands will be seated together so that we can socialize with our friends in orange.

At the conclusion of the game, return to the band room for dismissal.

Saturday, August 25th

 8:00 am  Rehearsal Beings

11:30 am  LUNCH – On your own

 1:00 pm  Rehearsal Begins

 4:00 pm  DISMISS

Next weeks (North/East Game)

Friday, August 24th 5:00 pm Arrive to prepare for rehearsal.  

5:30 pm  Rehearsal begins on Practice Field

6:25 pm  March to Stadium 6:45 pm  PREGAME

7:00 pm  Kickoff

• Halftime occur between 7:45-8:30 depending on the speed of the game. • *Because this is the North/East game, we  will not be sitting in the stands, but rather in seats set up in the North end zone.  Both bands will be seated together so that we can socialize with our friends in orange.  • At the conclusion of the game, return to the band room for dismissal.

Saturday, August 25th

8:00 am  Rehearsal Beings

11:30 am  LUNCH – On your own

1:00 pm  Rehearsal Begins

4:00 pm  DISMISS