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#57-Sound of North NEWSLETTER 2019


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Week of August 19, 2019 

Page 1-  Contents & Moola Monday

Page 2-  Daily “Must” Items for Mini Camp

Page 3-  Band Fees; Kiwanis Incredible Duck Splash

Page 4- Kiwanis Incredible Duck Splash continued; Drop Off, Pick Up, & Parking

Page 5- Sponsorship; Band Handbook; Remind Text Sign-Up

Page 6-; Amazon Smile; Scrip & Kroger Rewards; SoN Invitational-Save the Date; Booster Meetings

Page 7- Booster Meetings continued; Upcoming Dates; Who’s Who

Moola Monday 

Introducing a new and recurring fundraiser hereafter known as MOOLA MONDAYS

What: ask EVERYONE you know to eat at the announced local restaurant, say they are with The Sound of North and the band will receive a portion of the proceeds.

When: last Monday of each month

First up: Pizza Hut on National Rd Mon 8/26 5-8pm

Daily “Must” Items For Mini-Camp

Don’t forget the following items for Mini Camp this Saturday (August 24th) from 8 AM-5 PM.  Lunch will be on your own.

-Instrument/Color Guard equipment


-LARGE jug/cooler filled with WATER ONLY (1 gallon cooler/jug or 2 half gallon cooler/jugs)

-Sunscreen - not spray type, lotion type only please and/or Bug Spray

-Athletic Shoes - no flip flops or open shoes on field

-Deodorant,lots and lots of deodorant

-Extra socks AND extra T-shirt if needed

➔No technology  and/or candy/gum on field



The second Band Fee installment was due Friday, August 9th (see below).   Please pay ASAP if you have not already done so. Thank you to those that have already made their payments.   If writing a check, please write in the memo line your band student’s name.  If you write a check, please place it in the Scrip box outside the band room in an envelope marked “Band Fees”.  See below for other ways to make your payment.

*Please make checks payable to:  Columbus North Band Boosters 

Band Fees for the 2019-2020 Marching Season are $500 for marching band members.

The fees will be billed in four installments:                                                                  Image result for write a check clipart

June 7, 2019- $150 (for marching band students)                        

Aug. 9, 2019- $150 (for marching band students)

Oct. 4, 2019- $150 (for marching band students) or $50 (for fall athletes)

Feb. 7, 2020- $50 all band students

NOTE:  8th Grade marching students do not pay the February 7th payment for a total of $450.

Fees can be paid the following ways:

· US Postal Mail. The address is:                                                                        

CNHS Bands, PO Box 2122, Columbus, IN 47202

· PayPal using the following link:

· Directly to Mr. Burton or Mr. Munoz

The Scrip Box in the band hallway just outside the band room doors. Please be sure to put your payment in an envelope and mark it Band Fees.

Kiwanis Incredible Duck Splash

The Kiwanis Incredible Duck Splash is a fundraising activity sponsored by the Meridian Kiwanis Club.  This is a great way to earn money for your band account.  You receive 80% of all the money you raise!  For example, if you sell $100, $80 will go into your band account.  Once you find someone to adopt a duck, simply have them fill out the adoption form, collect their money, and turn it all into Mrs. Corbeels.  There is nothing you need to do after the sale.  You may sell as many ducks as you want.  How much you earn is up to you!  


  • All forms need to be returned to Mrs. Corbeels no later than Thursday, Sept. 26th.  This includes all unused forms!  If you know you are not going to sell anything, please turn your forms in as soon as possible. 
  • You may only sell ducks to people over 18 years of age.
  • Collect all the money at the time of the sale and have them fill out the form.
  • You need to complete one adoption form for each sale, but each person can buy up to 30 ducks/$100 multiple ducks on a single form.
  • You may pick up additional forms as you need them.  You may not make your own copies (each form has a unique serial number).  

Mrs. Corbeels will be available outside the band room every Tuesday/Thursday night after full

band practice.  You may pick up additional forms, turn in completed forms & money, return

unused forms, or ask any questions you or your parents may have about this opportunity

Printable Parking


Drop off your student at least 15 minutes early (30 for pit) for practice. The start time is when they are expected to actually begin practice.

Pick up your student 15 minutes later (30 for pit) than the listed time practice ends. This allows students to store their equipment and attend a brief section meeting post practice.

Expect delays at pick up as well.  Times listed are when practice ends, allow time for them to return to the band room to put things away and have a brief section meeting.  Some sections take a little longer (like Pit) because they have more equipment to put away.  That being said, DO NOT wait for your student to call you to say practice is over.  Some students will just sit around and talk.  The directors, staff, and other parents want to go home as well.  If practice is scheduled to be over at 8:30 PM, please be at North to pick up by 9 PM.  


For the safety of all, we ask that you do not park at the curb outside the band room. As the season goes on, it gets darker towards the end of practice making it even more difficult to see students darting out after practice. We try to put cones out as a reminder, but we are not always able to get them out.  Please help us and park in a parking spot.  In the  long run you will get out sooner than if you lined up at the curb.

PLEASE, NO PARKING BY THE RAMPImage result for row of construction cone clip art

Please do not park by the ramp next to the band room. This area needs to be clear for the pit to roll their equipment in and out of the building.



The Band Booster Association is happy to announce our alumni and community sponsorship program!

Do you know any area businesses that would like to increase their visibility in the community while helping the Columbus North Band program?

Band Alumni - Have you wondered how you can help the program after you have graduated?

Please follow the link below to learn more about this exciting program!


 Band Handbook

Have you wondered where to look to find out information concerning band camp , the monthly Marching Band calendar, or rule for rehearsal?  Look no further!  Here is the link for the 2019-20 Band Handbook:

Remind Text Sign-upImage result for clipart of someone texting

Please sign up for the Sound Of North Parents Remind Class by texting @sroseaide to 81010

Amazon SmileImage result for amazon smile logo

Earn money for SON while you shop!  Go to Amazon Smile and choose Columbus North High School Band Boosters Association as your charity then shop at  A portion of each eligible purchase price will come to The Sound of North Band Boosters.  Tell your family and friends!  In order for the Band Boosters to receive credit, you must always shop from         

Scrip & Kroger Rewards

The monthly order for physical Scrip cards goes out on the 15th.  Need a new appliance?  Food cards for your band students for Saturday mini camps or after school?  Are you making fall break plans?  Remodeling?  Use a Scrip card and get some of that money back!  If you set up presto pay you can have a barcode to use within minutes.  Questions? Contact Sara Donathen-Smith at 317-457-1232!

SoN Invitational-Save the Date!!!

Thanks for signing up to help our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year happen successfully! There are many needs: volunteer, donate food items to the Hospitality Room and/or Concession Stand, and trophy sponsorship. Each family is expected to volunteer for at least one shift. We appreciate you supporting the band and signing up to help by clicking on the link below.

Betsy Long, Volunteer Coordinator 812-371-6632 or

*There will be a meeting for those working the invitational on August 29th

Booster Meetings

Perhaps you did not realize as parents and guardians of our CN band, you are all Booster Members.  A booster meeting is not a meeting for only Booster Officers.  In booster meetings you will learn about the program, as well as, upcoming events and projects regarding the band.  Meetings are a great place to ask any questions you may have, or if you have any suggestions that you would like to share.  If you are wanting to help out or volunteer but do not know where to start, meetings are a great place to find the information you need to help with your decision.  During these meetings, we as parents and guardians, come together to make this the best possible program it can be.  The more parent involvement we have, the better program we will become. Booster meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month (unless there is a conflict) and the next meeting is Thursday, September 12th, at 7:00 PM.  All parents are invited and encouraged to attend.  We would love to see you there and it was wonderful seeing everyone at the last meeting!Image result for save the date clip art

UPCOMING DATES                                           

Monday, Aug. 19: Guard Practice 4-7 PM

Tuesday, Aug. 20: Full Band Practice 5:45-8:30 PM

Wednesday, Aug. 21: Practice: Winds, Pit,  & Guard 3:30-5:30 PM & Drumline 5:30-8 PM

Thursday, Aug. 22:  Full Band Practice 5:45-8:30 PM with Parent Preview at 8:20 PM

Saturday, Aug. 24: Mini Camp (Lunch on your own) 8-5

Monday, Aug. 26: Moola Monday at Pizza Hut 5-8 PM


Director of Bands, Band Discount Cards: Brian Munoz -

Assistant Director of Bands: Keith Burton -

Color Guard Director: Ivan Somers -

President: Sonya Rose -

Vice President: Denise Sharpe -

Treasurer:  Charity Phillips -

Secretary: Jennifer Speer -

Volunteer Coordinators: Betsy Long -  & Tami Mohs -

Uniform Coordinator: Carla McKenna -

Concessions: Tami Mohs -

Coordinator: John Jones -

Special Events Coordinator - Tracy Jones;

Head Chaperone: Carol Corbeels - & Amanda Watkins -

Transport Coordinator: Phil Coorbeels -

Newsletter Coordinator: Jennifer Speer -

Head Nurse: Katie Lykins -

Scrip Coordinator: Sara Donathen Smith -

Kiwanis Ducks: Carol Corbeels -

SoN Website Caretaker: Todd Riordan -

Student Accounts: Anonymous

SoN Facebook - wearethesoundofnorth  (request to be friends)

Color Guard Facebook -  Columbus North Color Guard (request to be friends)