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Scrip Program

SCRIP are the same as gift cards certificates that you buy at the store.

How Does It Raise Money?

  • Scrip participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to our organization at a discount. 
  • SON Families buy the certificates for full face value via the Scrip Coordinator.
  • You redeem/shop with the scrip at full face value.
    The difference between full face value and the discount is credited to your student account.

Scrip is easy and exciting, because everybody wins

You get an easy fundraising alternative that involves no selling Your student account gets credited with the difference.

How Does It Work for SON?

  • Enroll into the Scrip program by setting up an account at
    Use enrollment code F8AE124C1676L
    At this website, shop for your favorite retailers and order cards at face value.
    Submit order and print out confirmation form.
    In the assigned envelope, place the order confirmation and a check payable to CNHS Band Boosters for the full face value.
    Drop envelop into the Scrip Drop Box in the Uniform room inside the Band Room. (Drop off time is on alternate Mondays by5:00pm. Watch the newsletter for exact dates.)
    On Thursday, scrips will be delivered. Watch the newsletter and an email confirming time and location.
  • An authorized person needs to sign for the scrip. (Authorized persons are noted on the inside flap of the envelope.)


  • Must purchase scrip via and the Scrip Coordinator.
    Scrip discount is applied as a credit to your student account.
  • Due to Non Profit Organization rules, it cannot be paid to you.
    Once your order is placed, there are no returns.
    Treat Scrip like Cash!
    Only authorized people can receive scrip.
    Once delivered and signed for, it is your responsibility. If you lose your scrip, the Scrip Coordinator cannot reimburse you.
    Issues with gift cards are to be dealt with via the retailer directly.

For More Information, contact Scrip Coordinator
Happy Shopping!